Studio 11 Dance Company

Established 2014

COVID 19 – New Guidelines to Follow

  • We will have temperature checks of both staff and students upon entering the Studio.
  • We will clean and sanitize the studio before and after all classes.
  • All staff and students will hand sanitize on entry and before/after class time. We will have hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire Studio.
  • Outdoor shoes are prohibited on the dance floor this year- all staff and students will leave their shoes in our waiting area on our new shoe rack.
  • This year we will have a new drop off method until further notice. Families will not be allowed to stay in our waiting area until we feel safe in doing so. We will use a new video method so that all families may watch the entire class as always. 2 year old classes will be discussed!
  • Dance shoes are strongly recommended to be kept at the studio in ziploc bags with child's name on it so there is no transfer back and forth.  (We will provide all bags).
  • Students ages 4 and under will receive their own floor spots with their names on them to keep in their ziploc bags so we avoid any sharing. We will also provide their own wands.
  • For older students, we will have x spots of tape to keep social distancing during class time.  We will also have colored circle spots along both the front and back walls for students to be distanced while waiting for the turns to go across the floor or mat.
  • We will have a new method of social distancing in all acro classes as well. Details on this to follow.
  • Face masks and/or shields will be worn by our staff at all times. Children must wear face masks upon entering the Studio. It is strongly suggested that students wear masks at all times. Children 2 and under do not need to wear a mask.
  • We will have a new tuition method that will be discussed further at the start of the year to avoid parent interaction inside of the studio.
  • Names must be on EVERYTHING!
  • At the end to each day, we will have a deep clean of the entire studio in order to start a brand new day.
  • We will continue to add and take away guidelines as needed and as we feel necessary.

Thank you for your understanding!